Employment Success! On the Job with Cody & Jacob

Cody Peterson and Jacob Flug are polar opposites when it comes to personality, however, what they share is being successful at their new jobs at the same job site!

Kassey Daggett– Building Manager, of the South Hills Center, first approached us, last fall inquiring about filling a janitorial position a few nights a week in the Tamarack building. We placed Cody Grimes in this position  initially and assisted him in learning the tasks necessary.

Because of Cody’s success, Kassey called us back seeking another person to fill the nights that he didn’t work. We placed Cody Peterson (or Cody 2) and he took to the tasks without a hitch and he seems to enjoy the quietness of the Tamarack building as well as the tasks that he is performing.  IMG_6098

As a result of landing this job, Cody Peterson has been able to venture out of his comfort level and learn to get around town on his own using the LTD bus system.  JF Trash

After Cody G. elected to not work anymore, we were asked to replace him, so we did with Jacob Flug. Jacob has been doing a fantastic job of cleaning and as a result of having a job he is in the process of getting his drivers license, moving out of his families home, and finding an apartment of his own.

Both of these young men have been able to get all of the tasks that were requested of them completed within the time frame given them and will soon be given additional tasks to finish as part of their workload.

We are all very proud of Cody and Jacob and the progress that they have both made. We are happy to have been a part of both of their growth and development into independent members of the Eugene community. Nice job, guys!


Employment Success! On the Job with Kyle

Kyle Brown has been happily working at the Springfield Mall for ERMC Total Facility Management since 2012.
Kyle came to us seeking work where he would be able to be more independent. He had been working at  Columbia Beverage, in an enclave situation and he wanted less supervision with more responsibility.

Doris found him a job as a janitor in the Springfield Mall. Kyle took to his tasks  with ease. Harold the manager, was very pleased with the work that Kyle provided. He said that “he could count on Kyle to come in whenever he called.” Harold was really impressed with the fact that Kyle was ready to fill in on a moments notice.

Kyle is very respectful and courteous with the patrons of the mall, willing to assist whenever possible. bg1

Kyle told me that he  “enjoys working because it gives him freedom. I’m glad that I chose Pearl Buck Center to help me get this job and especially glad that the Marriott job fell through and that Harold called me because I really like this job.”  When I asked Kyle what exactly he liked about his job he responded, “I like the hours and that I get everything done and work is over in two days.”

Kyle told me that he has “nothing but good things to say about Pearl Buck Center Community Employment Services and I would recommend other people in my similar situation to have Pearl Buck Center assist with job search because they helped me and they don’t smother me and let me work.”  He likes and gets along with his co-workers – and there’s not one person that he regrets having to work with.

We are happy to have been part of Kyle’s success!

Employment Success! On the Job with Dayle

Dayle reading 2

Meet Dayle Chapman. When she came to us Dayle was ending a volunteer stint as a Senior Regent with the Springfield Moose Lodge,  a local service organization, but wanted to try something different. She had an interest in child care.

Dayle was ready and willing to learn as much as she could to help her job search. She took advantage of as many classes and job preparation activities offered through WorkSource, as possible.

We helped Dayle with obtaining the necessary credentials such as a food handlers card, infant first aid CPR and get registered into the Oregon criminal registry. We also assisted her with getting some continuing education credits, reaching a Level 6.

Next, we started applying to child care facilities. In fact, Doris Steele applied to one such place  in the evening and the next day Judy Gains, the owner of Grandma’s House called Dayle first thing the next morning for an interview.

Judy said that she hired Dayle because, ‘When you call a young person for an interview they can’t come right away for an interview, but Dayle was willing to come as quick as her bus could get her here first thing this morning.’

Judy has been pleased with the work that Dayle has provided and has worked with her to complete more levels of continuing education including taking a 1 credit college class.

Recently, Doris spoke with Judy and she said “I count on Dayle for quite a bit. Dayle helps me remember things. And when Dayle says that she doesn’t think that she can do something, I let Dayle know that I have faith in her and Dayle winds up doing whatever it is that she didn’t originally think that she could do!”

We are very proud of Dayle’s success and her willingness to do everything possible to make sure that she was ready for a community job.


Employment Success! On the Job with Camryn

Meet Camryn Price.

He’s a quite, very  presentable young man. He graduated from Springfield High School with a modified diploma, but because of his demeanor and drive, it won’t be a roadblock to his success. He describes his learning style as “hands-on”, he does well with written/verbal and demonstration then giving him a chance to try for himself.

Camryn had his driving permit and was taking driving lessons at the time that we were first introduced to him. His goal was to get his license and then save money to buy a vehicle and find an apartment of his own.

He has an interest in fishing, working on cars and welding as well as construction. He sees himself as eventually working in metals/fabrication, auto body work or construction as a long term goal.

Within weeks of meeting Camryn, we placed him in a scanning job with Chambers Construction, who had come to us seeking someone to scan boxes of past accounts. Camryn made himself useful and took to the task given to him with ease.


Shortly after starting work at Chambers Construction, Camryn and his family lost everything they owned in a house fire, but Camryn didn’t let this deter him from his job for very long. After a day or two off, he returned to work with a renewed purpose of earning enough to move out on his own.

I emailed Kim Cailteux, Camryn’s supervisor, to see how he was doing after his first 90 days and this is the email that I received;

Hi, Lorie –

All’s well with Camryn.  He’s a good worker.  I don’t have any complaints.  He’s independent, he doesn’t seem to ever have questions (but he’s not afraid to ask if he does have one).  He’s efficient.  He’s conscientious, he fits in well.

We’re glad to have him.

Kim Cailteux, CDT, Contract Administrator

Chambers Logo High Rez

Camryn is still working with Chambers Construction and according to Kim, “He fits in nicely and everyone has nice things to say about him.  He’s independent and a hard worker.  He works from the time he gets here until he leaves.  That makes it real easy on us.  He’s done such a large volume of scanning, his completed work is something we really appreciate.  The times he does have questions or needs to discuss something, he articulates himself well.  He’s a warm person, he has a nice smile and he conducts himself professionally.  We hope to have him around for a while more!”

Congratulations to both Camryn and Chambers Construction, we are so happy to have been a part of this success story!




Employ-ment Success! On The Job with Maddie Meyer

Maddie Meyer came to us with the hopes of finding a job that would utilize her organizing, cleaning, and people skills. She said that she liked to keep things organized when she works and “I like to keep things in a certain way.”

When asked what her dream job was she said that what she wants to do someday would be to work with animals or rather more specifically, “train dolphins and killer whales and help people understand these animals.”

We learned that Maddie also has an interest and talent for art. She has even assisted with painting some murals with Jim Evangelista of Reality Kitchen.

Because of her love of art we connected Maddie with MECCA, where she volunteers some of her time, helping to sort and organize the  recyclable materials that are brought in for re-use. Brianna, one of our job coaches has been working with Maddie at MECCA, to learn some work related skills. Skills that are important in finding paid work, like being on time, calling in when sick, getting comfortable with having people ask advice and questions of Maddie and building up her stamina for working longer periods of time. In addition, she learned to determine which items will sell, how to price items and how to display the materials in a way that is pleasing and entices people to buy it.

The reason that Maddie wants to find a paid job is because, “I want to be more independent and take care of myself, buy things, pay bills and show that I’m responsible.”

Pearl Buck Center Community Employment Services was able to find a position for Maddie at Mosaic in the downtown Eugene area.

At first, Maddie was very shy but determined to do good work. “I like being able to do something that is challenging and working with people that are nice to me” With the help of her job coach, Muezet, she was able to find many things to do and make herself useful, like  wiping down an old table and within minutes of  cleaning the table, it was sold!

With the assistance of Muezet,  Maddie was able to even make it possible to sell some of her woven bracelets at the store.

Maddie's braclets
Maddie & her bracelets


The owner of Mosaic, Susan Costa  wasn’t able to offer many hours to Maddie and wanted to make sure that she was getting  as many hours as she needed, so she took it upon herself to approach some of her neighboring business associates to see if they could utilize Maddie’s abilities and skills.

Maddie Mosaic
1st pay check


Susan enrolled Melissa Achtien, the owner of Gilt & Gossamer to hire Maddie. Now Maddie has not one but two jobs and she has really blossomed as a result. Maddie is greeting customers, making suggestions, up selling, and making sure that the experience of each customer is memorable at both stores. “Some days I don’t want to work, but I’m happy because it gives me something to do. These jobs help me socialize and make me happy because I get paid.”

And Maddie has enjoyed her experience at MECCA so much that she has continued to volunteer even after we found her paid work. “I still volunteer at MECCA because I was doing this before I had 2 jobs. I will see how I feel the longer I work. I might continue volunteering if it’s not too much for me.

According to both of her job coaches, Maddie is becoming a valuable part of all of these businesses and we couldn’t be prouder.











Employ-ment Success! On the Job with the Wards

We first met Angela Ward in 2011 and promptly found her a job close to her home at Dari Mart on the corner of W. 11th & Oakpatch. Angela took to her new job and it soon became clear that she would make herself indispensable as an employee.

When her family moved, her supervisor was worried that they would lose Angela to another Dari Mart, but she was determined to learn the bus route to keep her job at the same location.

With a store as busy as the W. 11th/Oakpatch Dari Mart, having someone, like Angela, come in during the day to take out trash and recycling, stock the milk and drink coolers, and sweep the sidewalks outdoors, takes the pressure off of the her coworkers, leaving them time to wait on customers and attend to other areas of the store.

Angela’s supervisor, Brenda,  made it clear that she does not want to lose Angela, because she is a hard worker, keeps on task, greets customers, gladly helps her coworkers – going the extra mile, with a smile. And it seems customers return just to see Angela, possibly because she has a special gift of making people feel welcome.

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Employ-ment Success! On the Job with Jamie Cavin

Looking for work is very much like a job in itself, as anyone who has ever been out there seeking work can attest to. And  “You’re Hired!”, are the sweetest words to hear when you’ve been hitting the pavement in search of employment.

When I started working with Jamie to look for work, one of the things that he told me that he wanted to do as a job option was sign waving or wear the mattress suit. So we turned in a resume to Mattress Mania and he was called in for an interview.

As a result, Jamie has been fortunate enough to have been given an opportunity to prove himself and become a part of the working world and the community at large.


FullSizeRender (7)
FullSizeRender (6)


 Jamie is so happy to be working and interacting with people, it doesn’t even matter that they are in their cars! He is loving hearing people honk their horns when he is out there waving his sign or wearing the the mattress costume.


I asked Jamie’s hiring manager how he was doing and this is what she had to say;

Hi Lorie,

Jamie is doing great.  He arrives for all scheduled shifts promptly and always has a friendly smile on his face.  We chatted briefly the other day about any concerns he might be having and I also encouraged him to be engaging with the traffic.  Make eye contact, wave, even a simple smile can go a long way.  Our sign holders are one of the most important pieces in our marketing campaign so we value the time he dedicates to being out there. We’re so happy to have Jamie on our team.
Thank you,

Amanda Hinkle

Marketing Director, Mattress Mania


Snapshot 1 (11-6-2015 3-30 PM)

If you happen to see Jamie waving his sign, please be sure and honk your horn or wave, it’s sure to make his day!

“You’re Hired” Club – 2015


Your Hired Club-2015

It’s been a busy year around here. We have expanded our Community Employment team and as a result we have been able to assist quite a few people in landing and keeping jobs.

Because we know that it is always so exciting to hear those two magic words “You’re Hired!”, the Pearl Buck Community Employment team would like to congratulate and welcome each person who has been employed this year to the ‘You’re Hired’ Club!


JosefKenShopDionJasonBrianScottKang HiredJorden HiredChrisMarisol HiredCodyChris HiredJamie HiredAllen HiredMatt HiredGabby Hiredposter_from_postermywallposter_from_postermywallGlenn HiredJonathon HiredMaddie Hiredposter_from_postermywallTiana HiredAmanda Hired


A Letter from our newest Business Partner


We are so excited about our newest partnership with the South Hills Center located in the Tamarack Building and so are they! Here is a letter that was sent out to their community.

Hi Folks,

This week begins a partnership with Pearl Buck Center to provide janitorial staffing at South Hills Center [at the Tamarack Building].

Their mission:

“Pearl Buck Center offers people with disabilities and their families quality choices and supports to achieve their goals.”

We are happy to welcome Cody Grimes and staffing coach Linda Cox to the SHC Community.

Cody and Linda

Cody is originally from Chicago and moved to the Eugene-Springfield area about four years ago. He has been working at the Pearl Buck production facility for the last 1.5 years and also has experience working at a local auto-body shop. He is a Duck fan and a Dallas Cowboy fan. He’ll be working evenings after the last yoga class ends on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

Linda will be offering coaching assistance for Cody while he works. She is a Job Developer at Pearl Buck Center working with a variety of different people in the program. She was born in Springfield and has lived here most of her life. Linda has a daughter and a 5 year old grandson. She’s a Duck fan, enjoys crafting and worked previously at H&R Block for about 10 years.

Thanks for being part of the team Cody & Linda! The work you do is important for keeping this facility available for all the many people we serve.

Welcome aboard!

KASSY DAGGETT • kassydaggett.com

Rozek & Daggett, LLC • Coaching • Consulting • Workshops • vrkd.com

South Hills Center, LLC • General Manager • southhillscenter.com

Mail: PO Box 518, Marcola, OR 97454 Cell541-912-4940 Desk541-484-6100

If you are interested in partnering up with Pearl Buck Center’s Employment Services, give us a call and let us know. We would welcome your interest and ideas.  pbc.community.employment@gmail.com