Project SEARCH


PeaceHealth has launched  ProjectSEARCH, a nationally acclaimed employment program for students with autism and related disabilities, and in this case individuals from Pearl Buck Center‘s production facility. This new initiative, which brings together the community, parents, and local business leaders, began in September 2016 and is one of the ways that Pearl Buck Center is answering the governor’s mandate to close sheltered workshops by 2019.

For those unfamiliar with Project SEARCH, it began 18 years ago at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and has grown to over 400 locations worldwide. Through the program, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities will take part in a nine-12 month unpaid internship program. Project SEARCH is based entirely at a host location, such as a hospital, government agency or corporation. With full immersion in the job preparation process, interns gain extensive exposure to and experience in a work environment to ready them for competitive employment.


The program consists of a classroom component and hands-on training. Interns meet Monday through Friday for an hour in the morning and 1/2 hour in the afternoon for classroom instruction. The instructor delivers lessons on topics ranging from Team Building, Workplace safety, Technology, Self-Advocacy, Health & Wellness, Financial Literacy, to Preparing for Employment and Maintaining Employment. The interns then go to various departments in their host business and learn real life transferable job skills. At the end of the day, the interns return to the classroom to debrief and prepare for the next day. The goals of the program are to foster independence and place the interns in paying jobs within the community.


During the program, the interns learn the importance of being responsible and independent by learning how to take public transportation to work and working in an integrated setting. The interns will work together with the instructor and skills trainers on social and communication skills that are critical for a workplace through real like examples and role play as well as preparing for interviewing and keeping a job.


The ProjectSEARCH staff will match intern interests with internship opportunities and monitor intern comfort levels in the workplace and provide supports as needed.

The PeaceHealth ProjectSEARCH program will span September to May, after which Pearl Buck Center job developers will work on placing the interns into community jobs. The admissions process for the next program will begin in April 2017.

This program is especially unique because it creates a systematic bridge between students and in this case the employees of Pearl Buck Center’s production facility, adult service agencies, and community employment. Pearl Buck Center is honored to be the second sheltered workshop in the nation to launch ProjectSEARCH last year (2016). Pearl Buck Center (PBC) and PeaceHealth SarcredHeart Medical Center (PHSHMC) will be working with the Department of Human Services (DHS), Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS),  Mentors of Oregon Brokerage (MOB) and Full Access Brokerage (FAB) using the Project SEARCH model to train 10 interns in this first year . For this first program, nine of the interns are from the Pearl Buck Center facility and the tenth intern is a referral from OVRS.

The admissions process, like all aspects of Project SEARCH, follows the criteria and protocol developed by the organization. Because Project SEARCH is a “braided” service model, the admissions committee includes representatives from OVRS and DHS as well as PeaceHealth and Pearl Buck Center staff.

To qualify for participation in the program an individual will need to meet a set of guidelines. The following should be considered; Willing to work and learn on the job, willing to work towards independence including living, transportation and gaining competitive employment. Commit to a 9-month unpaid internship with the intent to participate fully in the program. A person interested will need to be in their final year of school eligibility, or transitioning out of vocational programs, have a verified disability, be 18 years of age or older and have a funding source. The person should also be current on their immunizations and able to provide proof, be able to pass a drug screening and background check, be willing to undergo a 2 tiered TB test and receive the flu shot.

Those interested in more information should talk to their teachers, case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and family to make sure this is a good fit for them. Next, attend an open House and ask questions, complete the application in its entirety by the deadline, and wait to hear if you will be asked to participate in the interview process with the ProjectSEARCH Committee.

We will be holding Information Open Houses, Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, Thursday, February 22, 2018, 5:30 – 6:30 pm and Monday, May 7, 2018, 5:30 -6:30 pm at Pearl Buck Center – 3690 W. 1st Avenue, Eugene. 

To learn more or obtain an application, please contact Holly Powell – Program Director

(541) 780.6404 ext. 5115 or

Click here to learn more about  Project SEARCH

Click here to read Pearl Buck Center’s ProjectlSEARCH brochure  ProjectSEARCH Brochure


Interested in applying? Fill out an application to begin the process. Please read the application carefully and follow the directions in order to be considered. (HINT:  Ask for assistance if you are not sure and treat the application as if you are applying for a paying job)



Fillable pdf. – PS Candidate Application -Fillable

Fillable pdf.- ps-assessment-consent-forms

E-mail completed applications to or mail your paper copy to:   Pearl Buck Community Services, 115 W. 8th Avenue, Suite 280, Eugene, OR 97401


Watch where it all started at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Job Seeker – Adrian Cracknell

If you are looking for an employee that has a positive attitude, enjoys staying busy, and is excited to learn new tasks, Adrian Cracknell is the man to hire!
Adrian has many years’ experience at his family’s dog rescue, doing a wide variety of tasks including; administering medication, providing treatment to sick and injured animals, Operating facility laundry, disinfecting, cleaning and organizing pens and stables.

Adrian also has valuable experience operating a cash register, preparing food, and greeting customers. This experience will prepare Adrian for his dream job, working at a movie theater. Adrian is a huge movie buff and is always at the theater watching new releases, and envying the employees who have the coolest job in the world! Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that goal will absolutely be achieved once Adrian is employed at a theater.

Adrian’s future employment isn’t limited to working in a movie theater. He’s a talented guy who would be great in many positions. Customer service, retail, food service, and even housekeeping are jobs Adrian could really strive in. Any job relating to talking to people, and Adrian will be in his element. His upbeat personality and infectious charisma will add a certain sparkle to any company’s morale. Give Adrian a chance and he will prove to be one of your most valuable employees!

AAdrian poster (1)

If you desire an employee who will thoroughly enjoy every minute of his job, feel free to call 541-543-3507 or email to set up an interview. Thank you!

Job Seeker – Rayanna Coldiron

 Meet Rayanna. Rayanna is the definition o0a026cee-5884-44b9-ad4e-f0ea52ae89bcf a ‘people
Everywhere she goes, Rayanna smiles and talks to anyone and everyone.  People who know Rayanna say she is funny, personable, and has an uplifting spirit.  Rayanna’s primary interest is to find a job where she can help people. On top of that, Rayanna is a big animal lover and a great cook! She has personal and professional experience baking a variety
of items, from baked potatoes to desserts. Rayanna’s dog, Lily, is a big part of her life. Rayanna enjoys taking
Lily to the park and playing with her. As long as she is doing something involving people, food, and animals,  Rayanna is happy.

lil heart 2
Lily, Rayanna’s doggie

Either in customer service, as a waitress, or at a position where she can help animals, Rayanna’s strengths will truly shine. Her hardworking attitude, willingness to learn, and professional experience, make her a well-rounded candidate for a
variety of positions. Rayanna is open to trying new things and loves to learn new skills.


  If you  have a place for Rayanna in your business or know of a job opening that would be suitable for Rayanna and her skills and interests, please contact her Job Developer; Nicole Hamilton,, or 541-543-3507. Thank you!Copy of Simple restaurant menu poster - No image

Job Seeker-Xavier Burks

Meet Xavier. He’s a young man who knows what he wants and makes plans to acquire it. Take for instance his career goals; Xavier was dead set on finishing high school, getting his drivers license, and then getting a job. And so far he has been on track.

Xavier graduated from the Academy of Arts and Academics (A3) with a diploma, then he earned his driving license. He has access to his family’s manual transmission vehicle and gets around on his own.

A couple of the things that he wanted assistance with from Pearl Buck Center is to find a place to volunteer and getting certified as a forklift driver.



XB@NxtStp2Because Xavier is really into machines we hooked him up with NextStep Recycling for some volunteering. After volunteering for a week he said,”I feel good, I haven’t felt this good since high school-I can’t wait to find a job and work!”

Xavier says that he has always dreamed of working with big machinery and he has a natural interest in computers, having built one on his own when he was younger.

Xavier will begin forklift training for his certification  later this month and then he’ll be ready to find his first paying job.

Xavier will do well in a supportive environment that will give him instruction and hands- on training. He is interested in Warehouse work where he will be given the opportunity to drive a forklift  or make deliveries and perform repetitive tasks. He is seeking part time work, working about 15-20 hours per week.

If you have a need for someone like Xavier and can use him and his skills in your place of business, please contact his Job Developer, Lorie Polk – 541.484.4666 ext.5106 or to set up an interview.


Job Seeker-Zane Hall


Meet Zane Hall,

Zane graduated from high school in 2003, he then took a part-time dishwashing position at a lodge in Lakeside Oregon. He had a great two years of working there before moving on to his next job at Goodwill Industries, where he continues to be a loyal and reliable employee to this day.

Zane is ready for a change and is looking for a part-time dishwashing position. He really liked working as a dishwasher previously and feels it was something he did well. He is friendly and outgoing and really enjoys helping, meeting people and being part of a team.

Zane has a memory like you would not believe. He is like a book of information and probably why it is so important for him to learn new things and the reason he enjoys meeting new people so much.

Some of the things Zane enjoys doing in his free time are working out at the gym, bargain shopping, going to concerts and collecting unique keys.

Zane is looking for part-time work in Eugene, approximately 20 hours a week and he is willing to work any hours as long as he is able to get to and from the location by bus. If this sounds like someone you are looking for, please give me a call at 541-337-9498 Linda Cox, Employment Specialist.


Job Seeker- Alex Bocci

Meet Alex, he’s a big sports fan- with the UO Ducks easily being his favorite. This young man has the most infectious smile & personality and he’s ready to work!

Alex's Poster Presently, Alex is volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, but he is seeking employment that entails both being with people and being of service.

“I want to do something that helps people.” ~Alex Bocci

He would be interested in working at a job that has him; stocking, cleaning equipment or greeting customers.

Alex will thrive in a position that utilizes his natural talents of friendliness, dependability, and positive attitude along with tasks that are routine.

This would be a first job for Alex, so just a few hours a week would be good to start with.

Alex has some work study experience from school. In the Community Living Program, he performed janitorial tasks, weighed and packaged food, cleaned tables, washed dishes and he has washed equipment at C&E.

Alex is presently volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. I recently spoke with  Byron one of the employees there and he told me that Alex is “a bright and shining star of the volunteers here. He is very polite, considerate of others and friendly.”

If you are in need of someone who would treat your customers in a courteous and respectful manner and quite frankly, be the cause of  repeat customers as a result of their experience of being welcomed by Alex, please contact his Job Developer, Lorie Polk to set up an interview today.

What do you have to lose?




Job Seeker: Jacob Flug

Meet Jacob, he’s interested in finding a daytime job that can supplement his evening weekend job with CMS (Crowd Management Services) where he is presently on call. Jacob enjoys working with CMS because he gets to get out among people and gets to be of service.

I recently accompanied Jacob on a janitorial job where he showed much initiative and thought as to how to improve his speed. He is a very thorough and conscientious worker. I was most impressed with his ability to work the CMS job one evening and then turn around and ride his bike in the pouring rain to provide janitorial services very early the next morning.

This young man in currently taking classes through the Community Living Program. Jacob also enjoys martial arts in which he has earned a black belt, volunteering at his church and taking care of his parakeets.

Jacob is interested in working as a stocker, dishwasher, busser, janitor or even learning how to cashier. If you would like to put him to work for your business, please contact his job developer; Lorie Polk at


Jacob Hired

Job Seeker: Kaylee Condos

Kaylee Condos will make a good impression. She is looking for an entry level position doing what she likes best – customer service.  Kaylee has her own vehicle and a great driving record. She is very motivated to work and shines at setting goals and accomplishing them. She is friendly and personable and eager to learn new skills. If you have an entry level position that requires great customer service skills, Kaylee might be the employee you are looking for! Contact  her Job Developer, Tamathy, at 541-501- 2639 or email to set up an interview.Kaylee Pic

Job Seeker: Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson shares an interest in the great outdoors with the Robert Redford character of the same name, only this Jeremiah is seeking to be around people.

In his free time you can expect to find Jeremiah camping, fishing or hunting with friends.

‘JP’ as he likes to be called, completed the IITR Truck Driving School and earned his Class A CDL. He is interested in doing any type of driving job regardless of the classification.

Jeremiah is very friendly and respectful. He has a great driving record and a varied customer service work experience, which  includes; cash handling, paper work, and data entry. He is seeking full time employment and that may or may not involve driving.

If you have a need for a friendly, punctual and trustworthy employee, please contact his job developer; Lorie Polk at Thank you


JP's poster

Job Seeker: Sean Quddus

Sean Quddus loves to be of service and he has experience. Sean is interested in customer service type work in retail, hospitality or office arenas, where he can help people with their purchases and provide direction.

Sean has 3 years work experience as a Stocker at Office Max and has been selling collectibles on eBay and at Piccadilly Market since 2005. Sean says that he has received consistent high reviews for the customer service he has provided his customers. Recently, he has been doing temp work at Pearl Buck Center as a Production Assistant over the holiday (rush) season.

In 2003, Sean went through the Star Training Institute AutoCAD program and earned himself an AutoCAD Certification.

Sean  is very reliable and has a positive attitude that he hopes will “wear off onto others.” He feels that  working with electronics, computers, gaming systems and other visual media fields for over fifteen years has given him a better understanding of how things work electronically. He says that he loves “playing both new and retro video games on consoles or hand-held devices.”

If you have a place for Sean in your business or know of a job opening that would be suitable for Sean and his skills, please contact his Job Developer; Lorie Polk at, thank you.