Never Tell Chelsea Werner, “NO”

“Chelsea Werner wasn’t supposed to develop the necessary physical attributes. She wasn’t supposed to get past the most rudimentary level of artistic gymnastics. She wasn’t supposed to show the persistence needed to stick with such a rigorous sport.

Now Werner has one national championship to her credit and is in England this weekend trying to add an international title. Victory or not, a winning message will be on display for those paying attention.” Click here to learn more about Chelsea Werner.

PBC Community Employment on KEZI

Oct. 19, 2016 Pearl Buck Center’s Community Employment was featured on our local news channel, KEZI.

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from KEZI:

EUGENE, Ore — Pearl Buck Center continues making a difference in Lane County — empowering people with developmental disabilities.

The nonprofit offers multiple programs including employment opportunities at the Pearl Buck Center production sites and at 49 community businesses.

Jordan Hunt came to the Pearl Buck Center in May of 2016 for job employment assistance.  Pearl Buck assigned Linda Cox as his careeer coach.

“Really just try to listen to the client and see what they want and let them lead the job search,” said Cox.

Cox worked with Hunt to fine-tuned his resume and practice interview skills. Not long after working with a job coach, Hunt landed a part-time job at Mac’s Restaurant and Nightclub in Eugene.

“Number one, we don’t discriminate against anyone. We hire based on what we feel is the right person for the right position. Aces in their places in our motto here.” said Peggy Bruce, Mac’s General Manager.

Currently, 112 clients just like Hunt are enjoying a rewarding job in the community.  Hunt also gets assistance from a Pearl Buck supported living counselor.

“I’m just here to guide him in making the right decisions,” said Brooke Bodewitz.

Bodewitz and Hunt meet twice a week to talk, run errands and simply hang out. Bodewitz is a friend, a counselor, and a big supporter of Pearl Buck  Center.

“I love being able to get out and show our community that people with disabilities can still to every day things just like every other normal person,” added Bodewitz.

Hunt is example that a person with a disability is not defined by their limitations, but rather shaped by their abilities.

“You couldn’t ask for a better job than this,” said Hunt.

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Job Seeker – Adrian Cracknell

If you are looking for an employee that has a positive attitude, enjoys staying busy, and is excited to learn new tasks, Adrian Cracknell is the man to hire!
Adrian has many years’ experience at his family’s dog rescue, doing a wide variety of tasks including; administering medication, providing treatment to sick and injured animals, Operating facility laundry, disinfecting, cleaning and organizing pens and stables.

Adrian also has valuable experience operating a cash register, preparing food, and greeting customers. This experience will prepare Adrian for his dream job, working at a movie theater. Adrian is a huge movie buff and is always at the theater watching new releases, and envying the employees who have the coolest job in the world! Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that goal will absolutely be achieved once Adrian is employed at a theater.

Adrian’s future employment isn’t limited to working in a movie theater. He’s a talented guy who would be great in many positions. Customer service, retail, food service, and even housekeeping are jobs Adrian could really strive in. Any job relating to talking to people, and Adrian will be in his element. His upbeat personality and infectious charisma will add a certain sparkle to any company’s morale. Give Adrian a chance and he will prove to be one of your most valuable employees!

AAdrian poster (1)

If you desire an employee who will thoroughly enjoy every minute of his job, feel free to call 541-543-3507 or email to set up an interview. Thank you!

Job Seeker – Rayanna Coldiron

 Meet Rayanna. Rayanna is the definition o0a026cee-5884-44b9-ad4e-f0ea52ae89bcf a ‘people
Everywhere she goes, Rayanna smiles and talks to anyone and everyone.  People who know Rayanna say she is funny, personable, and has an uplifting spirit.  Rayanna’s primary interest is to find a job where she can help people. On top of that, Rayanna is a big animal lover and a great cook! She has personal and professional experience baking a variety
of items, from baked potatoes to desserts. Rayanna’s dog, Lily, is a big part of her life. Rayanna enjoys taking
Lily to the park and playing with her. As long as she is doing something involving people, food, and animals,  Rayanna is happy.

lil heart 2
Lily, Rayanna’s doggie

Either in customer service, as a waitress, or at a position where she can help animals, Rayanna’s strengths will truly shine. Her hardworking attitude, willingness to learn, and professional experience, make her a well-rounded candidate for a
variety of positions. Rayanna is open to trying new things and loves to learn new skills.


  If you  have a place for Rayanna in your business or know of a job opening that would be suitable for Rayanna and her skills and interests, please contact her Job Developer; Nicole Hamilton,, or 541-543-3507. Thank you!Copy of Simple restaurant menu poster - No image