Job Seeker: Barbie Bodin

Barbie is a peppy woman who is eager to put her 4 years of dishwashing experience to use. Barbie worked at Mackinaw’s Restaurant in Washington prior to moving to Springfield. She washed dishes, did some light food prep and cleaned floors while working at Mackinaw’s. When asked what she liked about that job, Barbie responded with “It was easy, I loved doing it, it’s Fun! I like to get it done.”

Barbie says that she is very positive- “I always see the good side”, organized-“I keep all my things in their place”, and a hard worker- ” I just want the job done. I don’t mess around. I’ll do what needs to be done without attitude.”

Barbie has an updated Oregon food handlers’ card and is ready to get to work when she isn’t out hitting the pavement looking for work on her own or with her job developer, Barbie is volunteering at the United Methodist Church, serving food to the homeless.

If you feel that you have room for this outgoing, hardworking, go-getter on your team give Doris Steele a call at (541)484.4666 or email her;



Job Seeker: Maddie Meyer

Maddie is seeking casual or part-time employment. Between 5-15 hours a week. She is very artistic, dabbling in painting, drawing and bead work. She would like to find work that entails being of service or working with animals where she can also utilize her artistic nature.

Ms. Meyer’s knowledge of some animals is impressive. She is very interested in working with dolphins, in the future.

Maddie is very organized and attentive to her work. She had work study experience in gardening, custodial, some light clerical, food service and animal care. She can see herself stocking shelves, sorting, doing light office work; some data entry, scanning, copying and collating, or working with animals in some way.

Currently Maddie is volunteering at Mecca where she is putting her organizing skills to good use by sorting, organizing and pricing recyclables as art supplies. In the future, Maddie will have the opportunity to create her own shop displays.

If you can see having Maddie as a part of your team give us a call!

Doris Steele

Employment Consultant, Pearl Buck Center
office: 541.484.4666, ext. 5116 | mobile: 541.337.6567

Maddie Hired

Job Seeker: Kirk Hatalla

Kirk is a quiet young man who lives with his family in the outskirts of Springfield. He is interested in finding part-time work in either the  janitorial or production arena. His dream job would be working in housekeeping in a hotel.

Kirk has been working at Pearl Buck Center in the spice room packaging Red Ape products and has found that he really likes this type of work.

The main reason that Kirk is seeking work is to gain experience and earn some money, but mostly he wants to stay busy so as to not be bored. He feels that he is a hard worker, with the intent to do the best that he can to ensure that the job gets done. Kirk has enjoyed working alone in the past because it is less distracting, however, he has thrived working in the Pearl Buck Spice room with his co-workers, making friends and working hard to get the tasks completed.

If you feel that Kirk would fit in with your organization or know of a place that would benefit from having Kirk as an employee, please contact Doris Steele;

Kirk's PosterHired!